WordPress Maintenance

Improve your websites conversions, style and performance with personal maintenance made to your WordPress site. 

WordPress Maintenance Features

Fast Ticket Response

We keep a constant eye on our ticket system, if you need something done fast - don't worry, drop us a support ticket in your portal and we will get it done the same day.

On Going Development

We offer an on going WordPress development in our Ultimate plan which is perfect for business in industries that are constantly changing and growing.

Regular Audits

Your site will be added to our audit list, meaning we will regularly be checking for issues and fixing any problems before your visitors even realise.



We recommend basic maintenance to all new website clients. We take care of plugin and PHP updates and make sure nothing goes wrong.

£35 /per month
6 Month Contract
+ Hosting £15 PM


If you want a dedicated developer / designer for your site, then our premium plan is a great option. We will change your sites design and content at your request.

£135 /per month
6 Month Contract
+ Hosting £15 PM



A perfect website isn’t born overnight, our ultimate plan offers 6 months of professional guidance and development to improve your sites conversions, style and more.

£375 /per month
6 Month Contract
+ Hosting £25 PM

Up to 220% Faster With


Server side caching system to speed up your website by up to 220%

Website Management FAQs

Website management involves updating plugins, themes and PHP to ensure everything is running correctly. Depending on your budget for website management, it could also include content updating, SEO, blog writing, product adding, sale set ups and the development of new features to improve the user experience (UX) of your website.

WordPress is a popular CMS (Content Management System) and website development platform that runs approximately 33% of all websites with great tools for easy management and millions of plugins to customise your site to your requirements.

Content Management Systems (CMS) makes your life, or the life of your website engineer – a whole lot easier. It provides the tools to update, edit and manage your website much quicker and easier than a website without a CMS offering quicker maintenance resolutions, easier daily use of the data captured by your website and much more.

We have 3 plans that we find are suitable for 3 different types of website owners and budgets. Our basic plan includes simple updating, uptime monitoring and code updates, ideal for small sites with a low budget.

Our medium plan allows your to request 2 new page designs per month, small changes to your site and high priority support.

Finally, our ultimate website management plan includes full ongoing development for new features, SEO, Blog writing, theme customisation and more (basically a dedicated web developer at your disposal!)

We can however, customise your plan if you none of the above suits you well.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an advanced process of keyword research in your industry, analysing competition and optimising your websites content and usability with the goal of increasing your traffic and conversions.

It is a very tailored service, everyones goals and industries are different and requires a particular strategy to increase traffic.

Simply put, PHP is the server-side programming language used to communicate with your websites server and the HTML markup on your site (the content).

When updates come out, your server will need to be manually updated, your plugins and theme on your site need to be compatiable with the version so it can be a delicate process.

Small changes can be adjusting a delivery time notice, adding a page to your menu, changing your phone number or adding a new shipping method for example.

We don’t include things like page redesigns, new features or pop ups in this category.