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WordPress Hosting

Our WordPress Hosting plans offer fantastic value, performance and support for all users.

£1 Trial

cPanel Hosting

cPanel allows for easy management of your website  hosting server.

Premium Hosting

Upgrade to Premium Hosting for improved resources for the ultimate hosting experience.

VPS Hosting

If you’re going big, go VPS. Your own Virtual Private Server, dedicated to you.


We leave no stone unturned when it comes to securing your site and it's data.

User Friendly

You can manage your hosting using the user friendly cPanel included.

WordPress Ready

With a click of a button, install WordPress to your site with ease.

Free Migration

We can migrate your site to your new hosting totally free of charge.

Why BusyCloud Hosting?

We put small businesses first, with the ultimate web experience for your customers and users.


We don't just host websites, we develop them too - meaning we know exactly what to expect from a great web hosting company.


While our web hosting services are easy to use, we're here to help you if you need us, just contact us on your portal!


We're sure you'll love your web hosting experience, so sure that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.


We can help with just about anything to do with websites and hosting, keeping it all in one place for you.

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Security & Malware Protection

Your datas safety is put first.

DDoS Protection

Always running to protect your website from DDoS attacks, ensuring your website stays online.


Automatically identify and block all network, application and protocol layer attacks launched at your website.


Block spyware, malware, redirects and viruses in real time with undeniable accuracy with our built in anti virus.

File Management

Manage your files easily with the included File Manager. Also, connect to your website via FTP or SFTP. On top of that, SSH is standard with all our hosting plans providing you with a secure method of managing your files.

Domain Management

Powerful domain management with functionality for addon domains, alias / reference domains and redirection management. If you have just the one domain, or several – we have made it easy for you to keep things in order. We also provide you with a DNS Zone Editor and a temporary preview URL.

Database Management

The latest software for effortless database management, including MySQL or MariaDB 10.3+, PHPMyAdmin and Remote MySQL Connectivity.

Security and Protection

We take security and protection seriously and provide you with all the tools to secure your data. This includes built in DDoS Protection, BitNinja Security Firewall and SiteProtection. You can also whitelist from our client area and use Greylist-first technology.

On top of this, we have a Web Application Firewall, Free 256-bit SSL Certificates and real-time malware removal for extra piece of mind.

Communication is kept secure with encrypted cPanel and Email Access as well as Cloudlinux OS Isolation / Caging.

Passwords are also protected by Password Protected Directories. You also have the ability to manually restrict access by IP Address and take login security that extra step with Two Factor Authentication.

Chat with us

About Hosting

Email or call us and we will be more than happy to answer any questions!

9am – 5.30pm (Mon-Fri)

Same day replies (Mon – Fri)

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Daily Backups

Your sites content, data and users all backed up daily.

Free Backups

We backup all of our websites daily. Whether something goes wrong and you need to back up to when it was all working, or if you have any other reason to go back – we have you covered.

21 Day Retention Period

We hold your backups for 21 days, giving you plenty of time to notice if something’s gone wrong.

Backup Support

You can do it yourself, or you can ask a member of our team to do it for you through your dedicated support portal. Our support team is fast and careful, ensuring that no mistakes are made when reverting to a backup.

Server Specification

Specifications of our web hosting servers.


We have servers based in UK, USA or Germany (NVMe). Please contact us for USA and Germany Hosting.


All our servers are running on Enterprise Grade AMD Epyc CPUs (24 Cores+)


128GB Physical DDR4 RAM ensures plenty of memory allocated to each website.


Enjoy super faste NVMe storage, running on RAID Protected Samsung NVMe drives.

Managed Hosting
with cPanel

Keep tabs on each one of your websites hosted by us, easily, effectively and safely.

View the performance of your website, including the resources, storage and much more.

View and edit the files of your website right from cPanel using it’s built-in file management.

Add more users to your cPanel easily to collaborate with others in the management of your websites.


Money Back Guarantee

On our flexible web hosting plans to ensure that you are 100% satisfied!

Quick & Easy
Hosting Support

Instantly see the services you are paying for and manage them from your support portal.

Upgrade your plans to include more resources as you grow. 

Submit a support ticket and we will reply as soon as possible with a resolution. 

Upcoming, paid and unpaid invoices are all viewable right there on your support portal.

Industry Standard


Let’s Encrypt SSL certificated are included with any of our hosting plans. 


Our support team is enthusiastic about your website, we want to see you succeed and are ready to everything we can to help. Any support you need for hosting – we are there for you, just submit a ticket in our support portal.